Olga Chrysa Papitsa

Hi, my name is Olga Chrysa Papitsa.

I grew up in a small town in Greece, called Serres. As long as I remember myself, I am all into drawing; from papers, books, walls, even my own body was covered by my drawings as a child! Literally, anything you can imagine.

When I turned 18, I went on to study “Professional Make Up Art”, which mainly focuses on how to draw on people’s face and body, but only in a limited way. I had to pursue it further from there, so I used my imagination in creating special effects, and started private sculpting lessons, that’s how also sculpture totally won me over!

This is how I started and fell truly in love with this beautiful job. My services include sculpting and spacial effects. Take a pick in my portfolio to see the projects I have worked on. Please let me know if you have a project in mind.